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Thank you for taking an interest in supporting my work! Your funds help me to push my creative bounds and bring the wonderful world of art to new artists each day. How? The funds directly contribute to my goals of creating multiple learning environments with live learning courses through Twitch and help me to fund a personal project where I am compiling a guide for upcoming artists to learn all of the things I wish I knew when I first started my journey.

Let me tell you about the guide and what it will offer to young artists. What I hope to achieve is a comforting look into becoming a professional artist. I know from personal experience that this line of working can be a struggle to navigate. Artists run into all kinds of walls along their learning journey. With this guide, young artists will be given insight on how to evaluate themselves: when they need to push and when they need to stop and breathe. How to balance life and manage expectations. While this might be something we all learn at one point or another, I know that I felt like I was drowning for so long before I finally found individuals who put in the effort to clarify the subjective nature of art. This guide will not only feature my thoughts on the subject, but also my fellow artists including both academic and professional points of view.

The live streaming sessions will serve as a way to allow for a reprieve from the struggles we all face. The sessions will be used to both teach and to entertain young artists by exposing them to different mediums and conduct live demonstrations.

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Thank you again for your continued support! Even if you can't afford to offer monetary support for the guide, there are other ways you can help! If you are an artist and would like to contribute to the young artist's guide book, use the contact me section and introduce yourself! I would love to include your insight as well as an art piece and/or a link to where people can find you in the guide. Please note that currently, this project is early in development. More official information regarding the project will come as it moves forward so stay tuned! Information will be available on this website in the future as well as on Artstation, Twitch, and Instagram.

Stay happy and healthy,